4 Leading No Code Google Review Plugin For WordPress 2023


Google Review Plugin . Is your business part of the group that chooses to build its website with WordPress? Well, WordPress is the common website builder used by most businesses to build a dynamic website in the simplest way. It has been found in research that one-fourth of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress which is over 43.3% of the websites.

Yet the main thing that will attract potential customers to engage with your WordPress website is their trust. Thus, reviews are a great tool that you can add to your WordPress website that will help to build the trust of your visitors.

And Google reviews are the authentic source for building the trust of your visitors showing them on your WordPress website using a plugin. Many businesses are using this tactic and embedding Google reviews on WordPress websites.

If you are stuck in thinking how it can be done then numerous tools out there will simplify your work. This article has listed some of the leading no-code Google review plugins that you can choose as per your business needs.

Take this tour till the end to learn about each of the 4 tools.

List Of Best Google Review Plugin For Your WordPress Website

In this competitive market, it is very important to make your WordPress website look unique and attractive. However, showing only attractive content on the website will not work out. You need to add elements on the website that will positively drive the trust of your audience. Thus, embedding a Google reviews widget for WordPress is the best way to drive the trust of your visitors. Google reviews are the most trustworthy source that hugely influences potential customer’s buying decisions. Here is the list of Google review plugins that will surely help you to make your embedding process simpler.

1.   Tagembed

Kicking off the list with one of the popular aggregator toolTagembed. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features have made it the popular choice of marketers to add this tool to their embedding journey. This dynamic tool can curate, collect, and embed reviews from various well-known online review platforms which include Google reviews as well

Tagembed offers users the best customization features that can change the whole look and feel of the Google review widget in a few clicks. It comes with a whole list of themes, layout, font style, font size, background, and many other features to create an attractive widget. Users can do all these things even without a strong knowledge of coding skills. Role of AI in advancement of medical technology!

Other than this users can use the content moderation feature which lets users cut out the reviews which are irrelevant or abusive. Also, users don’t have to engage themselves all the time to update the reviews on their website. This tool helps in automatically updating the reviews. The smart analytic option helps the user track the performance of the widget after embedding it on the website.

2.   Smash Balloon

The Next Google review plugin in the list is Smash Balloon. This tool also works efficiently and has the ability to seamlessly collect reviews from various well-known online review platforms which include Google reviews. There is no need to install multiple plugins for embedding Google reviews on the WordPress website.

Users can showcase the Google reviews on their WordPress website choosing the format that best matches their website theme. This way it helps to make your website look attractive. It comes with a customization option that allows users to choose the layout, theme, etc of the widget.  With Smash Balloon you can decide which review to show and which to hide. It also lets you add a call to action button on your website which helps you to gather the reviews of others. This is also a code-less tool.

3.   Widgets for Google reviews

The third popular and no-code Google review plugin for WordPress in the list for you is the Widget for Google Reviews. The feature of this tool is fast, streamlined, and easy to use as it does not include any additional features.

The Widget for Google Reviews is a lightweight plugin and comes with multiple customization options that help you to Display Google reviews on the WordPress website. This plugin comes with multiple options of layouts and themes that help you to design your widget as per the design of your website.

This also comes with the option to hide and display reviews on your website as per your preference choice.

4.   WP Business review

Next in our curated list is the WP Business Reviews which is another excellent code-less plugin. This plugin helps users easily collect and embed a mix of reviews from multiple online reviews and can be displayed separately on websites which also includes Google reviews

This tool lets you automatically as well as manually collect reviews. This way you can be sure that you are not missing out on any important or positive reviews. It comes with various options of themes that you can choose as per the theme requirement. Also, you can select your choice of layout from different options that will match your website design.

In The End

Your business needs a tool that makes your embedding process smooth and fast so that you can stay ahead of the competition in driving trust of the potential customers.

This article has shared the best list of no-code Google review plugins that will surely help you to make your embedding process of Google reviews on WordPress simple.

Now, it’s in your hands to choose the best that will save you time and make the embedding process smooth.

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